Warranties, Policies, and Raw Material Sourcing

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

 Jessica Jade stands behind the lifetime quality of our products. However, given the innovative means by which we produce our amazing gold products, defects do happen. Additionally, each gemstone is natural and therefore has its own unique characteristics that may affect its long-term quality. If you believe your product has a manufacturing defect or simply normal wear-and-tear, you may return it to us.

Depending on the availability of the product (for instance, perhaps it was part of a limited collection), you may use the appropriate collectible coupon (link here) to either replace the product, redeem it for cash, or take advantage of any of the other available options. 

The use of this policy to extend and add variety to your products' lifetime warranty is of course optional. If so desired, the product can simply be returned and replaced at your discretion.

*This warranty does not cover the loss or intentional abuse of any Jessica Jade product. We will determine the extent of the coverage on a case by case basis. 

Materials Sourcing:

We guarantee that our gold is as pure as possible. We secure our gold supply from a trusted  source at LMBA .  You can rest assured that your purchase is as amazing as it can be!
Our gems are secured from a trusted source at Rio Grande and are guaranteed to be AA to AAA Quality. Beyond this, each gem is hand selected for their visual clarity, brilliance, polish, and overall beauty. Each gem has its own character, and with this unique individuality we ensure that each gem is special in its own way. 
We make the extra effort to purchase only natural gems that we know are ethically sourced. While some gems such as our sapphires have been heat-treated to obtain their dazzling colors, each gemstone from Jessica Jade comes straight from the earth!
For more information about gemstone enhancement, consult the American Gem Trade Association's gem enhancement guide.
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