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Hello! I am Jessica Jade! I am a proud New Yorker. If you want to know the best bagels and pizza, please drop me a message, I would love to share! My background is in fashion/material design and couture embroidery.  I've worked in a lot of places from Paris to Cape Town and have now settled back in NYC. 

As a young millennial, I am at the point in my life where I want to be actually showing up for myself. I am talking about buying nicer shoes and coats that will last me longer and not fall apart after a season. It feels good after a childhood of impulse buying anything glittery-just to have it break or get stuck in my hair somehow :( These better quality things tend to be more expensive, but I want to do my part. I believe in slow fashion, where our clothes and accessories are made to last us our lifetimes and longer! I think too, that today's world agrees that it's what needs to happen.

That's why I started Jessica Jade with my boyfriend. I want to be able to make jewelry that I am proud to wear myself. It's good for the environment & good for me (and you!). It's the jewelry that you might have to save for (or use Klarna to pay in quarters), but you'll definitely be passing down to your grandkids. I mean, I want to be the cool grandma that has amazing heirlooms some day! Don't you? Thanks for reading my TED talk, over and out! :)

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