The Gold Standard of Influencers



The word “Influencer” takes a special spot in the pop culture of our lives. Ranging from stay-at-home parents who are starting a business, to music industry icons who post about which vegan burgers are most ethical, Influencers have objectively developed an active role in shaping our cultural perceptions. When it comes to influence, these new icons have become the Gold Standard. These trendy solo acts may seem like the direct effect of the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but the concept of an Influencer is actually as old as human culture itself. Before vegan burgers and petite designer dogs existed, one common thread among these historical influencers was their ownership and public display of Gold. This Golden Thread spans millennia, but let’s focus on three examples of these old school Influencers: the Golden Rings of the Roman nobility, the Golden Bullion pillaged and coveted by famous Pirates, and the Golden Medallions of Nobel Prize Winners.

What better way to indicate nobility than a Golden Ring that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd? The Equites of ancient Rome were a class of nobility just below that of the Senators. They were entitled to wear an anulus aureus (or Golden Ring) to signify their cultural importance (1). This privilege shown by their Golden Rings granted them access to various sporting and dining events, just like an Influencer today gaining similar privileges if they have 100k+ followers/subscribers. It’s certainly easier to spot a Golden Ring than it is to check if an Influencer has enough followers, so maybe these ancient Romans were just as wise for which we give them historical credit (and this possibly might be something we look into doing in the future…hint hint). When a ring is not enough, amassing a horde of Gold Bullion will certainly get you the attention of history. 

Well, not only history, but often times even the attention and affection of Royalty. This was certainly the case for Sir Francis Drake, who was granted knighthood by Queen Elizabeth I upon the ship Golden Hind (2). Sir Francis Drake was notorious for many justifiable reasons, but was especially scorned by his enemies for the same reason the British Crown adored him: he successfully pirated tons of silver and Gold from the Crown’s enemies (3). This talent for acquiring Gold in truly vast quantities made him famous, but only because he had the charisma and social swagger to go along with it. The new Influencer Gold Standard is densely populated with Influencers who gains millions of adoring fans because of their demonstrations of wealth. Of course, we can name a few modern influencers that also have this likeable charm. This is certainly the case with the Youtuber, Mr. Beast, who donates large amounts of money to his twitch streamers, mothers in need, and people struggling from homelessness (4). As for showing wealth, Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings comes to mind also. Well, in that case, all of her Instagram posts come to mind... 

What’s more noble than Roman Nobility and English Crowns, if not the pursuit of higher knowledge? The Gold Standard applies to academic Influencers as well. The epitome of a life dedicated to higher human understanding takes the form of the Nobel Prize and Fields Medal. These are awarded only to those individuals who have influenced the course of scientific history. The first woman, Maryam Mirzakhani, was awarded the Fields Medal in 2014 for some truly revolutionary mathematical work (5). Perhaps more importantly the Nobel Prize, which covers a broader range of scientific fields, has an illustrious history of awarding prizes to Influential Women (Marie Curie was awarded the prize twice!) (6). It makes sense then, in our opinion, that these prestigious and trendsetting medals be struck in solid Gold


At Jessica Jade, we really understand that the new Gold Standard of Influencers need that one essential ingredient: Gold. Historically, this has always been the case almost by providence, and we see it as partially our responsibility to ensure that this continues to be the case! It is now our job to make sure that we supply you, the avid reader and hopefully loyal customer, with trendy pure 24k Gold Jewelry, Charms, and Beads to make sure you are as influential an Influencer as possible. 


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